CBSE Affiliated & Govt. Recognised Sr. Sec. School
(Fully Air-Conditioned & Co–Educational)
C-Block, Dilshad Garden, Delhi-95(Opp. GTB Hospital Gate No.-1)


It is a highly technology driven world that we live in and things as we know keep on changing. It is imperative that we prepare the students for the future and teaching robotics to young students can help in instilling a scientific temperament in them. Subjects such as mathematics and science when taught through robotics can be more engaging as well as effective. Such an enquiry based hands on learning approach can also increase a student’s ability to be creative and foster innovative thinking making them a more productive member of the society.

Vedic Maths
Mathematics involves Thinking. Students try to learn whatever is taught to them in school but are find it difficult to solve a problem that is not taught to them. We implement Vedic Maths as a alternate subject which is based on 16 Sanskrit Sutras (aphorisms or word-formulae) using which numerical calculations can be done faster than the conventional methods.

An arithmetic method based on the principles of abacus calculation, abacus maths is considered to be one of the fastest ways of calculating and learning maths. Faster than a calculator, not only does abacus maths gift young learners the opportunity to shine in the language of maths from a really young age, but it also provides a solid foundation for learning the language of maths in primary and high school